Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tech and Software Giants For The Future

Hey, everyone!!

Okay so I haven't posted in awhile due to my collegiate endeavors, but something came across my mind that I believe to be an extremely important topic.

The global technology spectrum is a rapidly growing field, and many aspects of it are continuing to emerge. With developments in software and technology in general, businesses are expanding the ways in which they put themselves out on the market. I was recently speaking with a Management Information Systems professor from Israel, and he was describing to me the vast expansion of software and technology throughout the world, specifically, how the nation of Israel has been such a huge player in the field of technology. They are the origin of many of our day-to-day inventions, such as the rooftop solar water heating system and the laser-projected keyboard.

Aside from the growing technology in nations like Israel, a look into software and technology systems may be a potentially worth-while investment. As companies' grow in their data systems, they develop new ways to communicate on larger bases, diagnose medical conditions, treat patients, and discover the universe. Something that I talked about in a previous post was about the expansion of big data and the internet of everything; two widely growing topics that will take over the way business interact with each other, as well as their clients.

When I spoke to the professor, one of the main things I touched on was the idea of making financial investments with growing tech and software firms. Although investments are not his strong-suit, he was very helpful in explaining that these two areas are growing exponentially, and will continue to do so as long as humans have their hands on the right tools to do so. So I thought about it, and wondered about how I could personally grow my wealth and knowledge with this idea.

In my strict opinion, I believe that this is going to be something worth looking into, because the world is growing. Corporations and governments are looking for faster ways to get certain jobs done. And this all comes down to the word efficiency. Efficient business techniques would require that companies keep up to speed with the growing world, and that would certainly include these companies to expand their tech and software levels.

Overall, I'd like to point out the obvious... No one single person can perfectly predict a future market, but one could use these simple ideas of growing technology and software to conclude where they should and should not put their money. Apple and Microsoft will fight to the death to keep their loyal customer bases, and in that, technology and software are far from being done, with regards to the limits of their expansion.

Thanks for reading!!