Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Future of Social Civility

So I was just watching the news last night (CNN), watching the decision made by on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson in the case against him, in the shooting of Michael Brown. I just wanted to get some opinions and ideas across, even though the blogging of the situation has been publicly condemned.

I want to say, that I am not here to be a judge, I am not an attorney, and although I share more conservative ideas, I believe that this issue is something that does not take a side.

One thing that I noticed was the reaction to the verdict. My one big question concerning the situation, is simply, why? Why take what was a decision made legally, and turn it into mass destruction of a city? I literally witnessed the destruction of an economy, something that will take years and years to build back up. We are talking peoples' livelihoods and lives shattered because of a legal decision.

My personal opinion is that the decision made by the grand jury was an excuse for the people of Ferguson to go on a mass rampage, looting stores and destroying buildings. However, this does not reflect on all of the people of Ferguson. Some had absolutely nothing to with the events that occurred the night of the decision. Some merely took into consideration the requests of Michael Brown's family, and protest peacefully. Nevertheless, what is certain is that for many, it will be a long time until they can return to their lives and be able to provide for themselves, and possibly even their families.

The social and economic repercussions will be harsh for awhile, but what now needs to be looked at is civil rebuild, along with the long term repairing of the economy.

The decision was made by the grand jury, and that is law. Therefore, why would people expect that causing destruction would solve anything? With the crowd heating up, chaos was almost inevitable, and that is just how society is. I am not here to preach and deliver my sermon on racial equality and inequality, but what does need to be done is the assurance that these social and economic disasters do not arise again. This case is something that has set a precedent in what happens as a result of a grand jury ruling in favor of a white police officer killing an African American.

Furthermore, my question for society as a whole is, at what point does social civility rupture, and at what point during that period can we can the cause of the issue and turn it around in favor of the community, for the sake of peoples' safety, as well as their economic interests?

For now, the damage is done, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered the destruction of the city. What society needs to do now, is analyze the protest process in cases such as these, and pull out that trigger that causes crowds to rise to their emotional climax, and stop it.

What are your thoughts on this event, as well as the socio-political implications that can clearly be seen in the case of civil rights?

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