Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity

I hope everyone's having a great evening!

Okay so today, Penn State had their career fair. It was my very first opportunity to really get to see what some great companies had to offer.

I'd really like to start by saying... I was a mix of anxious and nervous. I'm not even going to lie. As a freshman, I had absolutely NO idea what to expect of it.

So I walk into the building, swipe my student ID, and go over to registration (I was even a little shaky then). Right before I walked into the gym, I stopped, fixed my tie, and proceeded to open my portfolio case as to have my resumes all ready to handout (I wasn't about to look like an idiot struggling to open the case and drop all 30 resumes). I then continued to do what I do naturally... talk and sell myself.

Okay, I want to make a long, 2 hour career fair experience, story short by giving a little advice to anyone going in to tackle a career fair at a university:

1) Make sure to look presentable. Appearance can say a million and a half things about a person's attitude toward internship/career hunting.

2) Be prepared with a short, effective speech to initiate the conversation (i.e. My name is John Doe, and I read about your company, and I believe that this would be a great opportunity to further my knowledge of the field I wish to pursue)

3) An ABSOLUTE MUST!! Always shake the right hand of the recruiter confidently, and keep eye contact. Confidence is key. Don't be scared. They were in your position at one point as well!!

4) Talk! Answer questions to the best of your ability, and above all, honestly. Honesty coincides with confidence and is much more professional when seeking a potential internship/career.

5) Last but not least, have fun and learn. I went in thinking it was going to be like a Wall Street investment bank trading floor. It's not. Everybody their is human and happy to talk and get to know more about you and your professional interests. One you realize that, it's smooth sailing, and the communication will flow.

I had an awesome time, and I got the opportunity to meet a bunch of great employers! I had some laughs and gained motivation to keep chasing my dreams. If you keep calm and collect, talk naturally and make a good impression, I can bet that employer will remember you. STAND OUT!!!

"Success in not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

~ Winston Churchill 

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of your day!

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