Monday, October 6, 2014

*Knock Knock*

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a relaxing night now that Monday is practically over!

So I was just reading a lithe bit of financial news, and stumbled across something that I thought would be interesting to discuss. 

Whether you like it or not, the IRS will always be in your life, as long as you're a living, breathing human citizen of the United States of America. They may not take things as far as the NSA is rumored to have done, but they certainly have made a name for themselves. There are both positive and negative connotations to the name of the Internal Revenue Service. Nonetheless, they will always be there to breath down the necks of late tax-paying citizens. And that is perfectly fine! Like the rest of the bureaucracy, the IRS and its employees have a plethora of jobs to do. 

Basically, the IRS audits the finances of individuals to assure that bills are being paid, and no illegal activities are taking place. Likewise, they send out bills, impose penalties if the bills are not paid, and files liens. They are one big mechanism of collecting money to keep the U.S. economy rolling. So no, they're not some evil group of people out to seek revenge against those who choose not to pay their bills. But several recent events have the American public in a mix...

*We will now hold a hearing on the mistreatment of the services of the Internal Revenue System. We shall commence with the testimonies.*

*Good afternoon. my name is Lois Lerner, and I am the Director of Exempt Organizations of the United States Internal Revenue Service...*

Now, that may not be exactly what was said, but it is a good summary of what was to be a case that would attempt to dig into the emails of the IRS department director, on the targeting of the Tea Party group, a tax exempt political organization. 

So now take a moment and carefully disassemble and evaluate each aspect of the situation at hand. 

What was the department head of the IRS's intentions when dealing with the tax end of the Tea Party? Why were her emails hidden from investigation? Many know that Ms. Lerner refused questioning during her testimony in front of a Congressional committee.

This brings up the interesting point. Where will the trust go from here? Because of this mishap, will people look at the situation and think it okay to fudge their taxes? "The IRS did it, maybe I could slip by the rules and not be penalized." Will this incident allow taxpayers to get away with some taxation misdeeds? The American public shouldn't expect to obtain an answer from Lerner, IRS Commissioner Koskinen (who also brushed off questioning), or the President of the United States who claimed that there was not one smidgen of corruption within the walls of the building residing at 1111 Constitution Ave. Hopefully, some light will be shed on the situation.

I hope you enjoyed this article! 

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