Friday, October 3, 2014

Where's The Data?

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great evening and looking forward to a splendid weekend!

Alright, so I couldn't quite post last night because of the pressures of diligence in studying for a Hinduism and Buddhism test! Nonetheless, I'd really like to talk about a topic that I know is going to be important, not only to business majors, but everyone else who is living in the world of growing, global technology.


This idea is becoming huge, and possibly somewhat overwhelming! According to George Lee, the Chief Information Officer of Goldman Sachs's Investment Banking Division, 90% of big data has been created in the past two years! This is a remarkable statistic in that we can see just how much the world of technology is growing, and at such a fast rate! 

Impressive, right?

I think there's something a little cooler than a simple statistic, however. Companies all over the world are learning methods of cultivating these mass amounts of data, and because of this, company databases are becoming massive!

The big question to that is, what can we learn about this era of big data?

I think that as a society, it's extremely important that we realize how BIG big data is getting. Not only does the phrase represent the growing databases of companies, but it is becoming the front page image of many different industries. 

Medical, agriculture, construction, banking... These are just several of the industries being affected by the shift toward big data. Big data helps to really allow companies to expand their image and really make a leap into the technological generation that is commerce and marketing by means of the World Wide Web and the means in which companies and individuals connect all throughout the world.

Okay so let's break this down... Big data is becoming HUGE right now. It generates the means in which corporations operate. It's only going to get bigger as the world continues with technological innovations.

So I'm asking you, the viewer, this one thing. What are YOU going to learn from this? What do you think about the growth of big data, and its impact on the global business community? This phenomenon may very well control the way the business, scientific and social world alike move in to the future. Will the data big dogs win this one? I guess we'll have to just wait and see...

Well thanks for reading! For me, big data is going to be something that I'll work close with, and I hope to see it operate and innovate toward a better, more efficient future!

Until next time!

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